31st May2017

Vol 1: The How and The Why of Sight Fishing in a Kayak

Picture this:  You’re drifting through a grass flat in the marsh somewhere in St. Bernard parish.   Standing comfortably in your kayak, paddle in hand, continually scanning the water around you in search of redfish.   As your vision sweeps to the left, you suddenly forget to breath, and a strange weakness affects your knees.  A pod of 6-8 redfish is swimming directly towards the nose of your kayak, looking lean, mean and hungry.  There’s only seconds to do this right, so you quickly clip your paddle to your waist with your left hand and pick up the rod in front of you with your right hand, keeping your eyes tracking the fish.  A one short cast that leads the pod of fish by several feet and a slight pop of the rod tip is all it takes – redfish moving in packs are more concerned about making sure they’re the first one to eat whatever it is that’s moving than they are concerned about making sure it’s actually food.  Fish on!  The fish erupts in fury, and his buddies scatter in every direction.  Now hooked to an angry 28 inch golden St. Bernard pumpkin, the last part of your task is to keep tension on the line while simultaneously sitting down successfully in a moving kayak, then to land the fish before it is totally exhausted.  Landed, de-hooked and rested, the fish gives one good strong push and is back under its own power.  Wiping your hands and taking a sip of water, you look around and see not a living soul, but hear the wind in the grass and the red-winged blackbirds chirping.  The way it should be, you think, and you wonder what in the world you did with your free time before you knew about sight fishing redfish out of a kayak.

Of course, it’s not always like that.  You’ll have as many misses or more, as you do successful hookups.  You’ll have days where the wind and sun just won’t cooperate, and you’ll probably get overconfident at some point and fall out of the kayak.  But I can say with almost absolute certainty, that once you have some success sight fishing reds from a kayak, you’ll keep coming back for more.  There’s something about being in your own small watercraft; just you, the marsh and the fish, that is ultimately very rewarding.  This article aims to get you started with some information that may help you accelerate the learning curve a little bit, based on my experience picking the process up.

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