21st Apr2017

Spring Redfish Report and Redfish Rumble 2017 Recap

Starting in mid-March running through mid-June, the spring fishing window in Louisiana is one of the best times of year for getting on the water and chasing big trout, bass, and redfish. The weather becomes more consistent and the sweltering heat of the summer is not underway yet, allowing for long comfortable trips on the water. 

This report will focus primarily on redfishing conditions in SE Louisiana. If you like to fish redfish out of the kayak, you most likely are a sightfishing fanatic, but in the spring the sightfishing game is not always a sure bet. A combination of environmental factors are responsible for this, the thick aquatic vegetation you find in the summer that clears the ponds in the marsh is just taking root so you aren’t going to have extensive areas with clear water. In addition, storm systems are moving through frequently with high winds and rain, also adding to the turbulence in the water. That being said, you can still find protected pockets and coves where there is thick grass and clear conditions.
One tip for finding these flats that harbor grass and clear water year around is finding areas where marshy flats are flanked by bayous that have good water movement. These deeper channels allow the water on the flat to move in and out easily, the water doesn’t become stagnant and it stays oxygenated, allowing the aquatic grasses to survive year around.
To continue reading this report, please Click Here to visit Wild Louisiana Tours blog post written by BCKFC member Josh Reppel.

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