14th Mar2012

Hurricane Phoenix 160

-submitted by bckfc.org member “swamppro” (Barret Jones)


The first thing I hear when someone looks at my PH160 is “man I bet that thing flips easy”. It is very surprising how stable the kayak is. The initial stability is great and the secondary just comes to a halt. I do need to roll it this year to see the breaking point when the weather warms up. I have leaned it over enough that I can get water over the sides and it feels like I would have to force it more to go.

One of my favorite features of the kayak is the build. They are made out of Trylon. This is a very tough plastic that is also very light weight. Another plus of Trylon is it is very slick. This helps the kayak have great glide.

Another wonderful feature is the venturi system over a normal scupper system. In my 16′ kayak I have 2 deck drains that flow through tubing below deck to one outlet in the bottom of the kayak. With the Venturi this means no water coming up through scuppers and drains as fast as you put water in it. Meaning, you stay dry in the foot well.

Now lets look at the design. First thing you see is its shaped like a touring kayak, long, streamlined, and sleek. The long rake on the bow slices through any waves you throw at it. I have been in nasty swells in the gulf to Hopedale Lagoon when it is full of white caps. On the bow the deck slopes up and rolls to the sides so if you take a swell the water rolls off the front and away from the cockpit. This boat is made for nasty conditions and open water, reason I got it. Lake Pontchartrain machine! The seating area is low and slightly leans back and any seat will work with the deck rigging eyelets from the factory. I personally use a Skwoosh Pro Angler seat as its lightweight, gel bottom for comfort, Tackle trays on back, and very easy to clean. The rear well will fit a 48qt cooler with ease. I keep a 48qt cooler and all my items for the day in the rear with no problems. For the rudder I use a Smarttrack Rudder system. This rudder is made very well and is adjustable with a spring so when you run over something it will guide back into place quietly after the hit. I use the larger blade and the kayak cuts great and tracks in any wind thrown at it.

Overall I love this model kayak. Very speedy to say the least. I can cruise effortlessly at 3-4mph and paddling hard 5-6 with a narrow blade. I know with the right paddle my cruising speed would be better as my paddle is short and narrow blade currently. In the open water it has met all my expectations and never felt worried about dumping when others turned around. In the marsh with the design of the hull and also being light weight it drafts nothing. I am talking a couple inches of draft. This kayak only weighs a little over 50lbs and is 16′!!!

Anyone is welcome to paddle my PH160 when you see me. Check it out and see why I like it so much.


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