14th Mar2012

Hobie Revolution 13.5

-submitted by forum user “Blue in Green”


Length: 13.5 feet
Width: 28.5 inches
Capacity: 350 pounds
Weight: 58 pounds (drive is an additional 7 pounds)
Cost: MSRP of $1,850 in 2011

I own a 2009 Hobie Revolution; I’ve also owned a 2010 Hobie Outback.

Pros: Extremely fast, tracks well even when paddling; lots of standard equipment (watertight hatches, rudder, CF paddle (2010 and later), a 36 quart marine igloo will fit in the back, stable, but not enough to stand in. The drive is bulletproof other than the occasional bent rod (easily bent back in all but the worst cases). Excellent factory support. Plenty of accessories offered by Hobie (I have the sail kit which works quite well).

Cons: Cost (although the resale is outstanding). The seat is mediocre although I’m told recent models have improved. Not stable enough to stand on. Due to its hull shape there isn’t a lot of buoyancy in the bow so it can get a little squirrely if you move your weight to far forward. The wave-cutting hull profile can also make it a bit wet in a chop since it punches through waves instead of going over them. No front rod holders standard so you will need to add one (I recommend the ram rod revolution which is tall enough to clear the drive pedals)

Would I buy it again? In a second. Sometimes I long for the added space and stability of the outback, but I can’t get enough of the Revolution’s speed.

Speed: 9
Tracking: 8
Value: 6.5
Stability: 7
Storage: 7

Overall: 9


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