BCKFC Championship Series

The BCKFC Championship Tournament Series is designed to reward our club’s kayak anglers that can catch fish in a variety of conditions, seasons, areas, and formats.  The series consists of four qualifying tournaments that are spread across Louisiana throughout the year.  Each event is designed to test the angler’s skill in a unique set of circumstances.  Only BCKFC paid members in good standing are eligible to qualify for the Championship event prizes and payouts, although non-members can still participate in the tournaments for a cash payout at the end of each event.  Individual tournament participation from non-members is welcome and encouraged.  These qualifying events tend to be smaller and informal, making them a great place for those that are new to the sport to meet some members and learn a new area.  For more information, check out the events section of our forum or check the event calendar for the next scheduled tournament.

There will be a cash payout at the end of each tournament to all those (members and non-members) who participate in the tournament.  Any paid member who finishes in the top 15 of any of the first four tournaments qualifies for the Championship event, which will be held at the end of the year.  The participant must be a paid member prior to entering the tournament in which they qualify.  Additionally, each paid member must “register” (i.e., pay entry) for at least two of the first four qualifying tournaments in order to qualify for the Championship.

Paid members and non-members who do not qualify for the Championship can still fish the event and will be eligible for cash prizes based on the number of entrants.  However, they will not be eligible to place in the Championship Standings.  All participants (qualified and non-qualified) who fish the Classic Championship will still have to pay entry into that tournament.

Minimalist Challenge – Qualifying Event 1 of 4

Minimalist Challenge is the first qualifying event and takes place on January 21, 2017.  This tournament is all about cold weather fishing, south Louisiana style!  The catch is that all participants must use the same bag of lures provided by the tournament director (and our generous sponsors), no other tackle is allowed except what is provided.  This tournament is typically held out of the Leeville Public Launch.  Each angler launches from one designated launch with a shotgun start, trying to beat the pack to their favorite fishing spot.  This event is unique in that it eliminates the overstuffed tackleboxes and the early-risers and puts everyone on the same playing field.  Competitors can weigh in up to three slot-sized redfish, fifteen speckled trout, and ten flounder which could mean big stringers with favorable weather conditions.

Redfish Rumble – Qualifying Event 2 of 4

Redfish Rumble is the second qualifying event and is taking place on April 8, 2017.  The event is currently located in St. Bernard Parish and the boundaries generally include Delacroix, Reggio, Hopedale, Shell Beach, etc.  This tournament challenges anglers to fool the heaviest stringer of three slot-sized redfish and any combination of 3 speckled trout and bass using only artificial lures.  This event is very accessible to beginners as many participants can catch their limit within sight of the highway.

PAC Attack – Qualifying Event 3 of 4

PAC Attack is returning as the third qualifying event and is being held on September 30, 2017.  The event is located in Terrebonne parish and the boundaries generally include the Pointe Aux Chenes area.  Our gracious hosts, Eddie and Lisa Mullen of PAC Kayak Rentals, have invited us back and offered to be the host and weigh-in location for this event.  This is strictly a redfish event, with each angler being allowed to weigh in their top 3 slot-sized redfish from the day.   The maze of winding bayous, ponds and lakes that make up Point Aux Chenes are practically made for kayak fishing.

Trout Challenge – Qualifying Event 4 of 4

The Trout Challenge is the last qualifying event of the Championship tournament series and is located in South Plaquemines.  This year’s event will be held on October 28, 2017.  Anglers must try to locate hungry speckled trout that are transitioning from their coastal summer habitat to their inland winter refuges.  This October event rewards the angler with the heaviest stringer of ten speckled trout.  This time of year can be tricky to fish and is a time when most anglers in Louisiana are putting away their fishing gear and gearing up for hunting season.  But for those in the know,  South Plaquemines Parish in the Fall can be the perfect setting for a trout and throw down.

BCKFC Championship Event

The BCKFC Championship will take place sometime on December 9, 2017 and will be a shotgun launch format from Coco Marina in Cocodrie, LA.  Other format details will be announced at a later date.

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